great lakes

Protect Our Best-Kept Secret

When I lived “downstate” in SE Michigan, I met several people who, as native & non-native Michiganders, had never been north of Ann Arbor, and didn’t know about Michigan’s gorgeous, breathtaking, beautiful, capable-of-rivaling tropical beaches along Lake Michigan. Having never really thought about them, or their potential existence, I can only assume they thought even less about Lake Superior’s shores. I’m unapologetically biased, of course, about the beauty of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, and Lake Huron too (though I spent less time on the East Coast), but it got me thinking, as much as I want to protect this surprisingly best-kept secret, I also and always want to protect the lakes. And in order to get people to care about them–the lakes–they need to know them, see them, think about them, love them. So I’m making it part of my artistic mission to celebrate and share them whenever possible.

It’s a small step, I think, sharing a love of the Great Lakes through photos and art, but it is a step, and it’s something I can do. Whenever we (@the_michigander and I) go to the lake (or the woods or the park or the trails) we try to leave them better than we found them in some way (John’s a pop-can-collecting fiend), and we try to share these places with others through our mini-adventures in hopes of contributing to, and possibly inspiring, a passion for the stewardship of the wild nearby.


Where are your favorite places along the Great Lakes?