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Our Peninsulas Have Peninsulas

Hey Michigan, I see what you did there.

On a trip to Mackinac Island during the shoulder season, before all the tourists and peak summer season craziness, John and I were on the slow ferry, the horse shuttle, over to the Island, with a small group of locals who camouflaged our non-islander status. If you’ve ever caught that particular boat, the really slow one, the non-tourist-season one, without the speed or high-tail spray, you’ll know you’ve got a long, leisurely ride watching small crafts lap you to and from the mainland and island. John and I were planning our adventures–empty, quiet, late night hikes around the market streets and closed up fort, pedaling around the island without fear of horses (there are no cars on the island–save for the few maintenance ones kept secret during this time, but shh! don’t tell!)–when we got to thinking about just how awesome Michigan is. There’s so much to do, and see, and though we’ve lived here our lives, there’s always something more to see, and do, and explore. Secluded on an island between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas, we got to thinking–not only does Michigan have peninsulas (upper + lower), but its peninsulas have peninsulas: the Keweenaw and Leelanau among our favorites.

Hey! Our peninsulas have peninsulas!”

An idea was born, and from it, one of my favorite sweatshirts. I’ve added a sweatshirt and a few tees with this design to my Etsy shop, and I’ve got new items with this phrase on the way for the new season! Where’s your favorite Michigan peninsula?