Big Lake Updates

Welcome to The Big Lake!

With the fresh energy of the New Year upon us, John and I have been busy making plans for 2018: adventures/micro-adventures, projects, races, and personal & business goals, to name a few. Over here at The Big Lake, I’m excited about welcoming you to my new + improved blog, where I’ll be writing more about life Up North, sharing our Great Lakes adventures, and diving into some new, fun, and favorite projects for my shop. (…click to read more)

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Cold Water

If more people spent a quiet hour along a river, listening to the currents run and break and bubble over rocks and washed-down tree limbs and branches, and reaching in, feeling the cold streams icy on fingers and toes, I believe we, collectively, would treat our water, trees, land, and selves, better…(click to read more)

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