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Oregon Must See: Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park is nestled along the Oregon Coast between Cannon Beach and Seaside, extending around the dramatic cliffs of Tillamook Head and offering quintessential Pacific Northwest views. John and I selected this area as the starting point for our epic Honeymoon cross-country road trip (read more about that here), and found that we would have been perfectly happily to settle in and stay there indefinitely.

After a winding drive through enchanting old growth forests, with tall Sitka spruce rising out of an ever-green lush wonderland, an oceanside bluff opens up over an expansive view of the mighty Pacific. Ecola State Park stretches for nine miles along the shoreline, and from the entrance of the park awaits a stunning vista of sea stacks rising out of the ocean against a backdrop of coastal elevation.

With miles of hiking, diverse trails, secluded beaches, tide pools, rugged cliffs, and seemingly endless opportunities to explore, Ecola State Park is a must see on your trip to the Oregon Coast. We spent a couple days visiting different areas of the park, and especially enjoyed our leisurely hours at Indian Beach. Since we were there in the off season, in mid-October, the park was nearly empty, and we managed to find the perfect spot to park the van.

We spent hours walking up and down the beach, exploring the coast and the rocky terrain and the tide pools. The waves kept rolling in, crashing against the sea stacks and extending across the beach. It was bright but cool, meandering around the rocks and sandy shore. It’s no wonder why this beautiful place is such a haven in the warmer months, full of surfers and beachgoers and the energy of the Pacific coast.

While in Oregon, I essentially lived in my Hunter boots and rain jacket, as it rained nearly every day. Over on Instagram, I had a few people ask me where the leggings came from (Outdoor Voices), and what I recommend packing for a similar trip, so here’s a quick list of my essentials:

Ecola State Park was definitely a highlight of our trip for its dreamy seascape, unrivaled views, and stunning Sitkas. If you’re planning a trip to the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend prioritizing Ecola State Park and spending some time at Indian Beach. With Canon Beach nearby, miles of the Oregon Coast Trail within the park itself, and beauty everywhere you turn, it’s a destination you won’t want to miss!

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