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Weekend Links & Loves 01.28.18

Saturday found us exploring the frozen coast of Lake Superior, followed by a night out at one of our favorite local breweries, Blackrocks. The best yellow house in town! Plus, with their new extended patio, we got to gather ’round the campfire under the lightly falling snow.

Nothing better than a snowy day by the fire, and these campfire candles capture that feeling.

This weekend was also the Noque Ski races, so the whole town was pretty lively and festive. We didn’t race, but we did spend some time in the snow.

John and I have been playing around with our GoPro lately (this accessory has been a game-changer!), and he has been compiling these awesome snowbiking videos over at

Saved this recipe to try this week, doesn’t it look good?

Love these pieces, perfect for that empty spot on the dresser.

And this book for the coffee table.

I don’t need another blanket, but I love keeping soft blankets in a variety of textures in the living room, especially this time of year. Speaking of cozy, did you see yesterday’s cozy collection?

Finally, in case you missed it: Michigan Monday’s post was all about planning a trip to the mitten state! You can also view all Michigan Monday posts here.

Lots of good stuff in store this week, check back and get in touch via comments below or @thebiglakemi on twitter + insta!





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