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Friday Favorites 01.19.18

Friday favorites
Friday favorites 01.19.18

Another round of Friday Favorites, where I share with you some of my favorite things from throughout the past week.

Snowy winter scene

This week, especially if you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know it’s been all about snowy trees! Trees with snowy branches, snow falling on trees, trees against a snowy backdrop, all the trees and and all the snow. I really hope we get the 12″ of snow forecasted for Monday! Any other winter lovers out there?

Vegetarian Lasagna recipe

With winter underway, it’s been so much fun to continue my 2018 goal of trying new recipes each week, and learning more about cooking and baking. This week I made another batch of French Onion Soup, and tried out two new vegetarian recipes: this one, for vegetarian skillet lasagna, is so. good. and so simple, too. I cut the amount of cheese in half and it was amazing, so if you go full-cheese (and I think you should!) it’s got to be even better.

This recipe for buddha bowls was also excellent, and easy to throw together.

I baked another loaf of French Bread, too, which has led me to picking up this book again and finding new recipes to try:

The Bread Bible book

This year I’m focusing on eating mostly vegetarian, vegan, and clean meals, so I’ve added this cookbook and this book to my cart.

Harry Potter books

In non-food related favorites, I’m still reading A Gentleman in Moscow, and I’ve also picked up The Marriage Plot (I just love books!), but in all honesty have been mostly savoring the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: illustrated edition. These books are so gorgeous! Have you read them?

Michigan art

There’s been a lot of screen time for me this week, as I’ve completely revamped my website and blog (you can read more about that here). It might not look too different, but there sure was a lot of behind-the-scenes work. I’ve been wanting to self-host my website for a while now, but every time I’ve started I would get overwhelmed by the whole process (platforms, domains, registrations, transferring content…it’s really not that difficult but it was initially daunting for me!). I settled on using Bluehost, and their chat helpdesk has to be one of my favorite things this week–they walked me through a particularly tricky spot I was having, and made the whole process super simple. I wrote this post yesterday about blogging goals, and I’m thinking I may include another one about the steps I took to set up this new site as I found those kind of posts around the web extremely helpful this week.

Lake Superior in Winter

Lastly, I’ve been a huge fan of this podcast since week 1, and I’ve been re-listening to some of the early chapters all week while I’ve been working.

This watercolor artist and her book have been really inspiring lately, and I’m looking forward to trying new painting techniques!

This sweater. I have it in white and I’m pretty sure I need all of them.

Lots of snowy adventures planned for this week, join me over @thebiglakemi and be sure to follow along here or follow my blog with Bloglovin to get all the latest posts!

Have a great weekend!