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Vincent Van GO

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays! In case you’re new here–I’m new here too!–I wrote a brief post about my plans for this blog, which includes the weekly posting schedule here. I’ve set themed posts for Monday-Friday, and each week on Tuesday I plan to bring you content related to travel. As my partner John (@DirtbagYuppie) and I are located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and because I want to share more about the beauty and opportunity of this region, some posts will focus on trips, day hikes, and places to explore throughout Lake Superior’s southern shore. Other topics will include places we’ve been, places we’re prepping up for, packing and gear lists, and our ongoing project of building out our van.

Which brings us to today’s little feature, Vincent Van GO!, or “Vinny” for short, our new van and blank canvas:

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John’s already posted quite about Vinny’s origins over at The Flannel Dispatch, including our first adventure (Portland, OR to Marquette, MI), some of which I’ll be covering again in the weeks to come since I absolutely fell in love with Pacific Northwest, along with ongoing plans for making Vinny our ultimate getaway machine.

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Vinny’s technical specs, for those that might be interested, are as follows:
2017 Ford Transit 250, with a mid-roof (we can stand up inside!), and a 148′ wheelbase. When we picked him up in Portland, in October, Vinny was a big empty van. Today, in January, he’s a big nearly-empty van with an Ikea mattress in the back from our first road trip from the West Coast back to the Yoop (U.P.), awaiting the construction projects of the upcoming months.

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Our plans for Vinny are what we’re calling #VanLite, and lightened up version of #VanLife as we’ll not be living life on the road, but will be taking as many micro-weekend-adventures as possible, along with a few longer trips when work allows. Having tested the van on our first trip, we have some ideas for how’d we like to build the interior, where we’d like things to go, and what those things might be (a lofted storage bed, countertop work space, gear storage, etc.). Of course, having never attempted such a project, we’re eagerly soaking up all the information and inspiration we can get, from serious #VanLifers and hobby adventurists such as ourselves, and falling down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and YouTube tutorials and gorgeously curated Instagram accounts. A few of my favorite IGers include @permanentroadtrip, @mnmlmillennials, @wheresmyofficenow, @homesweetvan, and @eh.mon , if you’re looking scroll through some inspiring feeds.

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Currently penciled in for this year: a trip West, a trip East, (more specifics on those in the weeks ahead!) and lots of little trips to the Keweenaw Peninsula (the pointy bit of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that sticks out into Lake Superior) and U.P. trailheads for long days of hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and simply enjoying the outdoors. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my big goals for this year is to spend more time working on my photography skills, so I’m especially eager to take the van out for a weekend in the wild nearby and practice practice practice. Hopefully along the way I’ll have lots of little adventures I can share with you on Michigan Mondays!

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I hope you’ll follow along on these new ventures and travels, as I’ll be sharing updates along the way. In the mean time, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any trips planned for 2018? Are you #vanlife or #vanlite or have any favorite travel blogs or accounts you recommend? Let me know in the comments below or over on Instagram. And be sure to check back tomorrow for my first Watercolor Wednesday!

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