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Woodland Wandering

Last weekend’s adventures found us making our way toward Munising, Michigan.

Miner’s Castle, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The weather was perfectly moody, cloudy, foggy, and, perhaps inevitably, rainy. Precipitation suits me well, it is my preferable order for the day–and the weekend rain did not disappoint. Watching the fog and clouds and rain roll across the Lake Superior coastline, particularly in early summer when the waters are calmer and the storms gentler, is especially soothing. Plus, it electrifies the forest and makes the greenery glow.


The trilliums carpeted the forest floor,


and all the paths rewarded meandering steps.


After a long yet relatively mild winter, full of grey and white and quiet, the endless green and sound of rain was a welcome celebration of the “Official Start of Summer” (or in our case up here, Spring).


Wander on, friends!

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