The Great Life

If you’re anything like me, the Great Lakes hold a special place in your heart. I grew up in a (very) small town along Lake Michigan, and from our school (our one-building school that housed K-12), we could see our inland lake that led to Lake Michigan. Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, the view of the big lake was always impressive–smooth, expansive, cold, and clear, or tumultuous, roaring, wavy, and wild–it always had, and always has, a personality of its own. When I moved away from the lake for college, I made an effort to return, even for a moment, to the shores to reconnect and recharge. My family would laugh and ask if “the lake was still there,” and thankfully, fortunately, and blissfully, yes, it was. After college, and after grad school, an opportunity came to move to the U.P., or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to Marquette, Lake Superior’s Queen City. The really big lake. And here I am today.


There’s something special, powerful, wonderful, about the lakes, this region, this third coast. Connecting to them, connecting with others who love them, celebrating them, protecting them, taking care of them, that’s all part of living “the Great life” for me.

Do you love the Great Lakes? What do they mean to you? I’d love to hear! Comment below or reach out on Instagram @thebiglakemi 🙂